KetoSlim is the home of the world's top Nutrition Coaches

Coaching clients and changing lifestyles everyday

Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

Helping Clients get in best shape of their lives

Want our help with your own nutrition and fitness goals? Our Lifestyle Consultants give personal attention to every single client.

Over the course of 3 months together (and more if required), we help them get into the best shape of their lives and stay that way for good.

Home Exercises

Workout videos in the comfort of your home

We offer hundreds of free, professionally built workout videos that you can simply play on your phone or computer.

You choose the time - from 1 minute to 90 minutes - and we provide the variety, including strength training, stretching, cardio and more.

SuperFiber Pills

Reduces appetite and lowers fat absorption

Japanese people are renowned the world as the healthiest people and with the longest life spans. For centuries, the secret of their amazing health was Glucomannan.

We've brought this secret to Pakistan and formulate the SuperFiber Pill, a great addition to our signature Weight Loss Program that helps our clients lose weight fast and completely naturally.

Fitness App

Track calories and log activities in your phone

Maintaining a food diary in your phone keeps you accountable and increases your likelihood of hitting your goals.

Join the World’s Largest Fitness Community for advice, tips, and support 24/7.

The Fitness Application

Body Analysis Test

The world's most advanced fitness analysis test

This is the 1st test in Pakistan that provides a comprehensive fitness assessment, posture analysis and future health analysis report.

Utilizing infrared technology to scan the body in 35 seconds, this Silicon Valley invention has already benefited thousands of people across the globe.

Diet Food Delivery

Chef-cooked healthy meals delivered at your doorstep

Our chefs do all the prep work, like peeling, chopping, marinating and cooking, so you can simply avoid the hassle of preparing diet plan food.

We guarantee the freshness of all our ingredients and deliver them in an insulated box right to your door.

A Healthy Lifestyle for Women

Feel like your body is working against you? You're going to love our Lifestyle Consultants. Learn how to stop dieting and start feeling better immediately.

A Healthy Lifestyle for Men

Feel busy and out of control with your fitness? Our Lifestyle Consultant will change your life. Learn how to take back control and get in awesome shape.

A Healthy Lifestyle for Kids

Teach your kids how to eat and live better. You will raise them on good habits and they will thank you later.